Reflections at Keppel Bay Singapore Architect: Daniel Libeskind

I had been working in Singapore for a week photographing the Singapore Changi International Airport, and I was tired….I had worked six 16 hour days in a row photographing all three terminals of the airport for marketing.   But I wanted to see Daniel Libeskind’s Reflections at Keppel Bay before I left. On my last day I got up at 5am and headed south to Keppel Bay.

I got there just in time to choose a camera angle and setup before the sun cleared the horizon. The light was perfect.  Look closely, the predawn daylight reflections and the candescent accent lights on the buildings balance perfectly. The curved facades of the east facing lower buildings are picking up the highlights from the predawn sun on the horizon while the towers are reflecting the smoother highlights of the deep blue morning sky.  The sales center on the far right is lit mostly by candescent exterior lights.  The scene lives up to its namesake – “Reflections at Keppel Bay.”

The moment was perfect, but  it did not last long.  As soon as the sun cleared the horizon the scene was gone in a flash.  I felt fortunate to have been able to capture this moment.  While the scene did not last long, this image has, and it will remain in my portfolio for a long, time.

Paul Dingman is an architectural photographer based in China.  He is a specialist in large scale projects, supertall structures, and glass buildings.  He designs photographs for architects.

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