Himalayas Centre Nanjing, China Architect: MAD Photo © Paul Dingman 2019

This image exemplifies an important aspect in my photography.  After scouting a project, pre-visualizing the images, determining the best time and place to shoot, before I click the shutter, I ask, “How does it feel?”  Does the feeling support the design theme as the architect envisioned it?

This is a partial view of the new Himalayas Centre in Nanjing designed by MAD Architects and inspired by the iconic Himalayan landscape.  When I look at it, I see an innovative mixed-use architectural project.  But I also feel the influence of snow covered mountains, villages, streams, pagodas, and green hillsides. I think the feeling in this photo captures MAD’s inspiration.

Over time you can forget what you have seen, but you will not forget an image if you remember how it made you “feel”.   In my photography, I always consider how the image touches the viewer on an emotional level. Does it suggest the same feeling the architect envisioned in his design?  So before I click the shutter, I have to ask the question, “How does it feel?”

Paul Dingman is an architectural photographer based in China.  He is a specialist in large scale projects, supertall structures, and glass buildings.  He designs photographs for architects.

photo © Paul Dingman 2019

architect:  MAD

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