Paul Dingman is an architecture and location photographer with a long track record of successful international assignments.  His photographs bring design to light.  Paul specializes in the photography of architectural design, interior photography, and aerial drone photography and video. His clients are architecture and interior design firms, branding and marketing companies, corporate communications professionals, and editorial publications. Paul’s expertise includes large scale projects, mixed-use and retail, hotels and resorts, residential, airports and transportation.  He is based in Atlanta, GA and works throughout the USA and internationally.



Bringing Architectural Design to Light

Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre

“Often the most significant photographs of a project are not the most obvious ones. Great photos come to light through a process of exploration, design sensitivity, previsualization, planning, timing, and an uncompromising commitment to exceptional results.”


I have decades of experience in photography. I have focused exclusively on architecture for the last 24 years including 12 years in China and Asia. I specialize in large scale projects – airports and transportation, convention centers, and mixed-use.  I have a successful track record photographing luxury hotels and resorts, glass buildings, super tall buildings, and interiors.  I am passionate about design. I am a seeker, and a storyteller. I am imaginative and creative. But I suffer from a personality disorder….I am also a perfectionist. My passion for photography has allowed me to turn my dispositional dysfunction into a successful career.

As an optimist. I see the world not as it is, but as it can be. This influences my photography.

I consider myself a designer who uses a camera. There is a plan and an intent behind every photograph I create. My goal is to design images that make a lasting impression – one that causes the viewer to pause, to engage, and to remember.

“I begin every photographic assignment by “listening”. I want to know what inspired your design and why you made it look the way it does – what does it feel like to you. The rest is an interactive process beginning with observing then seeing, perceiving then pre-visualizing, and finally designing and producing the final photographs. My mission is to create dynamic images that faithfully articulate the architect’s vision in a unique and powerful way.”


My career as a professional photographer has evolved over the decades. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in journalism I worked as a freelance photo journalist. I won several awards for my documentary work. A local story on Georgia Blues Players garnered national press awards and international exposure.

I opened the first of four photography studios shooting people, models, musicians, food, hi-tech products, industrial products, and jewelry. Later on, I opened a large advertising photography studio in Atlanta. I had become an expert in “paint with light” photography. My photography was in demand by major corporations and advertising agencies. It won gold medals at advertising awards shows. But digital imaging came in like a tsunami, and overnight my in-camera special effects and light painting techniques were being imitated by computer jocks on their Macs.  I vowed to quit the business.

But fate stepped in - an architect asked me to photograph his projects for his new website. It was enlightening. I was not stuck in a dark studio, but travelling and working “outside the box” using my eye for composition and my lighting expertise to create exceptional photos of architectural design. My mission has been focused on bringing design to light in my photography of architecture and interiors.

For the last 10 years, I lived and worked in China and Asia photographing assignments for international architects.  My clients are architects, hotels, and real estate concerns. I am currently residing and working in Atlanta, GA USA. I am available for international assignments.